CoffeeScript-friendly typefaces - it's all about the dashrocket.

UPDATE: Trevor informs me that it was actually Peepcode that coined the term "dash rocket."

Dan Benjamin had a great rundown of fixed-width fonts a couple of years ago in which he gave his list of top programming fonts for code editors and terminals. Since I use command line Vim as my editor, my terminal and editor fonts are one and the same. As a typeface junkie, I like to experiment from time to time and step out of my Menlo comfort zone and try new things.

When Kenneth Reitz said he had made the switch to Ubuntu Mono, I thought I'd give it a shot. While the lowercase m's alone were enough to send me back to Menlo, I discovered I now have another criteria for choosing a code font: CoffeeScript's -> aka the dashrocket (as coined I believe by Trevor Burnham.)

Surprisingly, very few monospace fonts align both the dash and the greater than symbol along the mean line, destroying our little text-based arrow. Out of curiosity, I took a sampling of fixed-width faces installed on my machine and created an image to demonstrate which ones were 'CoffeeScript-friendly.' For now, I'll be sticking with Menlo.

Fixed width fonts sample