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  Wynn Netherland • 2011-12-31

DHH on hiring:

So stop whining, spend a day to get up to speed on remote working practices, and hire outside of your commuter zone.

At Pure Charity, we all work remotely. Karthik previously shared his thoughts on building distributed teams which gives a bit of detail on how we work.

I've been working in distributed teams exclusively for the last four years, for both small firms and very large teams. It's not for everyone. Working remotely requires self discipline and a results-based team culture. These are characteristics of any successful team. They're just more easily masked in a traditional office setting that equates hours in the office with productivity.

Even though we all work remotely, we still value face time. Some problems are better solved in a huddle around a whiteboard. We aim to get together as a full team once a quarter. Two thirds of our team are in the DFW area. Those of us who can meet up and co-work every other week or so to pair in person. That's why when we hire, we look locally, but we hire remotely, based on skills and team fit.

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