Flint: lint your project for sources of contributor friction

  Wynn Netherland • January 18, 2014

I wrote previously on the benefits of bootstrapping consistency. Predictable scripts for automating setup and running tests greatly reduce the friction for newcomers to a project.

Recently, I’ve jumped back into some of my older projects and immediately felt the pain of not having bootstrap or test scripts to get up and running. Wanting a way to quickly check a project for these missing scripts and (other items that help reduce contributor friction), I wrote Flint as a small Bash script. Here’s what it does:


While Bash was a good fit for the initial version, I have some ideas for Flint that really demand a higher level language:

# Rewriting in Go

Ruby is my primary language, and I’ve written plenty of CLI apps in Ruby, but I thought I’d give Go a shot for this one, primarily for the reasons Mitchell Hashimoto and Jeremy Saenz have written about.

It’s still early, but I’ve enjoyed writing a command line app in Go. Jeremy’s cli.go project has captured much of the declarative expressiveness I like about David Copeland’s gli CLI framework for Ruby.

Special thanks to Owen and Jeffrey for some helpful code review.

See Flint on GitHub.