Reed Esau's growing list of Vim plugins for writers

  Wynn Netherland • 2014-02-03

Recently, Reed Esau has amassed quite a list of Vim plugins for writers.

vim-thematic goes beyond :colorscheme to bring broader theme support for changing Vim’s appearance based on your task and environment.

vim-pencil aims to make Vim an effective tool for writing prose, bundling a handful of tweaks to handle (and even detect) line wrap modes.

vim-colors-pencil provides light and dark color schemes inspired by iA Writer.

iA Writer is an elegant word processor, marred only by its lack of Vim. It does have a nice color scheme, however.

vim-wheel provides screen-anchored cursor movement for Vim, merging j and k with the scrolling of <CTRL-E> and <CTRL-Y>.

vim-wordy goes way beyond words to avoid in tech writing and uncovers common usage problems in your writing.

vim-lexical extends Vim's built-in spell-checking and thesaurus/dictionary completion.

vim-quotable extends Vim to support typographic ‘smart’ quotes.

vim-textobj-sentence improves Vim's native sentence motion command.

vim-litecorrect provides lightweight auto-correction for Vim.

See the complete list on Reed's GitHub profile.

Wynn Netherland
Wynn Netherland

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