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Aliases for common Vim typos

I've been enjoying Tom Ryder's blog which is chock full of Vim, bash, and git smarts. Today's tip alias those commonly fat-fingered Vim commands:

command! -bang E e<bang>
command! -bang Q q<bang>
command! -bang W w<bang>
command! -bang QA qa<bang>
command! -bang Qa qa<bang>
command! -bang Wa wa<bang>
command! -bang WA wa<bang>
command! -bang Wq wq<bang>
command! -bang WQ wq<bang>

Add these to your .vimrc (here's mine), and your Vim is a bit more forgiving.

If you're new to Vim, be sure and read Tom's rundown of buffers, windows, and tabs.

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