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  Wynn Netherland • 2014-01-27

Jared Sinclair on the philosophy behind Unread, his soon-to-be-released RSS app:

I still love RSS. It’s the best way for thoughtful, independent writers to be read widely and carefully, despite how much the design of a typical RSS app may get in the way of their words.


Let Unread be an opportunity to break away from your old reading habits. Let Twitter or be the place for loud, busy feeds. Let RSS be the place where great independent writing thrives. Choose your favorite writers and read them closely.

This. RSS isn't dead, but perhaps the notion of the "newsreader" is, replaced by the stream. Twitter, Facebook, and the rest have enabled me to massively unsubscribe to general and niche news sites, but RSS has remained the way I follow my favorite authors more closely.

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