We’re Generation X, and we've got this. ⇝

  Wynn Netherland • 2017-02-17

As a middle kid from Generation X, I relate to quite a bit from David Barnett's piece in the Independent on the apparent war between Boomers and Millennials:

The boomers don’t like the millennials because they think the younger

generation are feckless, whiny snowflakes who are scared of hard graft and obsessed by status, more interested in posting a selfie to social media than doing anything useful.

The millennials, on the other hand, see the moomers as a rapacious generation

that’s pretty much ruined everything for them. They’re living too long, taxpayers’ money is gushing into looking after them. They’ve kept house prices high, meaning young people can’t afford to buy. Workplace pensions are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Boomers are, by and large, Brexiteers and Trumpers. They remember when Britain was great, and think coming out of Europe will be a doddle. They want to make America great all over again.

The problem with you millennials and boomers, though you’d never admit it, is you’re too alike. You’re both insular, in different ways. You’re both selfish. You’re both so blinkered, you think you’re the only two factions in this petty little fight of yours.

I've grown tired of the back and forth. Both sides should chill. We may be in apocalpytic times as our headlines and art want you to believe. But I wonder how much of that is self fulfilling handwringing. Like the author, I identify with the best in the generations before and after mine, and I'm more optimistic for our future:

You forgot about Generation X.

But don’t fret, we’re still here. Working hard, playing hard, innovating,

learning from the past and planning the future. So have your little generational war, and when you’re done, don’t worry.

We’re Generation X, and we've got this.

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